Thursday, December 15, 2011


hello guys.
 all this time, i've done many sinful things esp. humiliating people. sbp students. i know it must be pretty hard for ya guys to forgive all my wrong doing. ya, nobody's perfect and including me. i'm no perfect. not at all. looking at the way you guys 'act' in the facebook just make me feels.....damn. i know i'm no one to you, but as person that has the same God, the same Prophet, the same race..i have my own right to correct what's wrong. be yourself la...being 'havoc' is not always a good thing. neither being a shy person. so, the best thing..the right thing to do is just be yourself. people nowadays in the facebook is! but the reality is -_-' . ask yourself "are you yourself?" don't feel shame of your personality. everyone was born in their own way. follow your path. for instance, if someone looks much prettier than you, just ignore it. make yourself pretty in other ways since not everyone was born with a perfect figure. who knows.....maybe that pretty or cute person really stinks. hahaha. no offense :) you are just perfect as you are. and lastly....I AM TRUELY SORRY FOR EVERYTHING. 

p/s: i'm not the person that you think i am. so, leave HER alone. she got nothing to do with this. i am who i am!